Corsham Band

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Our Conductor


Colin was born in the north east of England in 1955. He enlisted into the Army in 1971 as a boy soldier at the Junior Leaders Regiment, RAC. He then went to The Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall to study the Cornet. After that he served in the 15th/19th Hussars, initially as a Cornet player but later changed to the Oboe, returning to Kneller Hall to study his new instrument. He returned to The 15th/19th Hussars and progressed through the ranks to Sergeant. In 1983 he was selected to train as a Bandmaster and returned to Kneller Hall. In 1985 he completed his training, winning "The Director’s prize for Conducting" and "The Loder Prize for Elocution and Concert Presentation " and was appointed Bandmaster of "The Falklands Band of the Parachute Regiment" in 1986. He travelled throughout the world with this Band, making numerous recordings and performing before Royalty and dignitaries from many countries. He left the service in 1992.

Since leaving the Army he has worked with many Wind and Brass Bands throughout Southern England, until he moved to Wales in 1997. He now lives in Swansea, where his wife originally came from. He was appointed Musical Director of the Corsham Band in July 2012 and hopes to remain with them for many years to come.

Our Band Members